Bed Bug Bites in Staten Island

Bed Bug Bites in Staten Island

How Can I Recognize a Bedbug Bite?

bedbug-biteBedbug Bites bear some similarity to other forms of pest bite, including both mosquito bites and flea bites. Bedbug bites create small bumps that raise slightly off of the skin. Some individuals may experience irritation in the area immediately surrounding the bite, including the development of a rash. Sensitive individuals may experience hives directly as a result of Bedbug Bites.

The characteristic which separates Bedbug Bites from other forms of Pest Bite is the pattern in which Bedbug Bites tend to form. Bedbug Bites frequently manifest themselves in small lines of three or more bites. Bedbugs form these patterns because Bedbugs are frequently unable to complete a full feeding in a single bite, so they move forward across the skin before continuing to feed.

When are Bedbugs Most Likely to Bite?

Bedbugs are creatures which thrive almost exclusively in darkness. In the daylight hours, and when the lights are on, Bedbugs hide out in dark crevices and cracks in your home in order to avoid detection. When you fall asleep at night, they crawl from their dens of safety in order to feed on your resting body. Bedbugs will feed at any time throughout the night, but they are most likely to feed during the period just before sunrise, when you are most likely to be in the deepest phases of sleep.

How to Tell a Bedbug Bite From a Flea Bite

flea-biteBedbug and Flea Bites share many characteristics, but there are some important differences that can help you tell them apart. Flea Bites tend to create more damage and irritation to the skin, because they often turn into blisters or open sores over time. Bedbug Bites will not develop into blisters and sores.

Flea Bumps will also form more immediately after the Flea Bite initially occurs. Bumps will form less than an hour after the bite has taken place. Bedbug Bumps take days, sometimes even a week or more, to develop after a bite. Flea Bites generally appear on the calves and feet, because fleas do not live on human hosts. Bedbug Bites are likely to appear anywhere where there is sufficiently exposed skin.

How to Tell a Bedbug Bite from a Mosquito Bite

mosquito-biteLike Flea Bites, Mosquito Bites also form very quickly, as opposed to Bedbug Bites, which take longer to appear. Another difference is that Bedbug Bites take longer to heal.

Mosquito Bites generally fade in less than a week, whereas Bedbug Bites will generally persist for a couple of weeks. Bedbug Bites are also a slightly different color, darker than Mosquito Bites.

Finally, Bedbug Bites usually have a characteristic dark spot in the middle of the bump, while Mosquito Bites have no equivalent marking.

What Makes Bedbug Bites Itchy?

Bedbug Bites are known for being particularly itchy in comparison to other forms of pest bite. This significant irritation is caused by the spit of the Bedbug, which it secretes in preparation for a bite to deaden the skin and prevent the blood from coagulating during feeding. The Bedbug Saliva prevents the victim from waking up when bitten, but as the local anesthetic fades, the patient starts to experience severe itching.

How Long does it take for a Bedbug Bite to become Symptomatic?

Unlike most forms of pest bite, it takes quite awhile for a Bedbug Bite to form and display symptoms. Mosquito and Flea Bites form almost immediately, but it can take one to two weeks for the bite of a Bedbug to become a frustratingly itchy bite.

How Long does it Take for a Bedbug Bite to Go Away?

The time that it takes to recover from a Bedbug Bite is dependent upon the individual sensitivity of the victim. For some individuals, the Bedbug Bite will fade over the course of just a few days, but for other individuals, it may take as long as two weeks.

For particularly sensitive victims that develop hives or rashes from Bedbug Bites, it can take as long as twenty-one days for the Bedbug Bite to subside.

Can Bedbug Bites Make Me Ill?

There are a lot of frustrating and annoying things about Bedbugs, but luckily, Bedbugs are not known for carrying disease, unlike many other pests such as roaches and fleas. Bedbug Bites can lead to infection, however, because the severe itching caused by the bite can lead the victim to break the skin with vigorous scratching. There is also a slight chance that the Bedbugs can transmit non-native diseases during the bite, but this is not particularly common.

How Can I Prevent Bedbug Bites from Itching?

The itching caused by Bedbug Bites can be alleviated or relieved in the same way that you would treat most other Bug Bites. The two most effective ways to alleviate the itching associated with Bedbug Bites are through the use of topical steroids and antihistamines. Both of these forms of anti-itch treatment relieve the sensation of itching by preventing the area from sending the itch signal to the brain.

How Can I Get Rid of Bedbugs?

bedbugs2If you are experiencing a Bedbug Infestation, you understand the frustration associated with Bedbug Bites. Many extermination treatments that work for other types of Pest Infestation are not effective in eradicating a Bedbug Infestation. Because Bedbugs only feed on the blood of warm blooded animals (with a preference for humans), they are almost entirely resistant to baits and traps.

Bedbug Infestations can only be effectively treated through the assistance of a Licensed Exterminator such as those from Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island. There are two primary phases to Bedbug Removal. First, the infected area must be cleaned thoroughly in order to reduce the number of active Bedbugs and remove easily cleaned places where Bedbugs can hide. The second phase is a deep fumigation treatment which will kill all of the remaining Bedbugs. This treatment is generally provided twice over a two week period to ensure that the Bedbugs are completely eradicated.

How Can Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island Help?

Bedbugs Staten Island has a qualified and fully-licensed staff of Pest Exterminating Pros that specialize in Bedbug Removal. Our Exterminators use highly effective and thoroughly field-tested methods in order to provide the most effective Bedbug Extermination Services on Staten Island.

If you are experiencing a Bedbug Infestation and simply don’t know where to turn, the friendly and expert staff at Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island can quickly and completely remove the headache of Bedbugs from your life!

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