Bed Bug Gallery in Staten ISland: Bed Bug Pest Control Exterminators in Staten ISland NYC

Bed Bug Gallery in Staten ISland: Bed Bug Pest Control Exterminators in Staten ISland NYC

Bedbugs Staten Island – Bedbug Prevention and Extermination

bedbug-1Bedbugs are one of the hardest pest problems for a homeowner to deal with. Bedbugs are the single most difficult common pest in America to eliminate through the efforts of a homeowner alone, no matter how hard he or she tries. Traps and baits are completely useless for a Bedbug Infestation because the tiny beasts are too small to trap and there is no reasonable means to bait them out from hiding, because they only feed on warm blood.

As a homeowner, the best offense against Bedbug Infestation is a strong defense. Take the conscientious steps to keep Bedbugs from ever infiltrating your home, and you greatly reduce the odds of experiencing an infestation. Remember though, no home is completely safe from Bedbugs, because it only takes one single Bedbug to start a giant chain reaction of infestation, and there is no perfect way to safeguard yourself entirely. If you have noticed any signs of a Bedbug Infestation, we urge you to contact a quality exterminator quickly, before things get worse!

Tips on How to Prevent Bedbugs

  • Inspect Luggage Immediately Upon Returning Home – If you go out for a trip, no matter how long or how short, look over your luggage closely before coming indoors. Even better, take a vacuum hose and clean the inside and outside of your luggage before bringing it inside.
  • Wash Clothes Stored in Luggage Upon Returning Home – When you first get home, put all of your clothes in a plastic bag and transport them inside, immediately into your washer. Sufficiently hot water will kill the Bedbugs, preventing them making it into your home. If the clothes are not washer safe, drying them hot will also be effective.
  • Vacuum Floors, Mattresses, and Linens Regularly – If you do have a small, unnoticed Bedbug Infestation, regular vacuuming may eliminate it before it becomes a problem. Vacuuming sucks up both Bedbugs and their eggs. Simply dispose of the bag outdoors immediately after vacuuming.
  • Wash Bedsheets and Pillows Regularly – Washing your sheets and pillows will prevent Bedbugs from establishing themselves, and will allow you to treat your mattress more effectively, which is one of the first places that Bedbugs will take root.
  • Be Careful When Taking Public Transportation – When returning home from taking public transportation, take off your coat or jacket at the front door, brush it off, and inspect it. You will be in close proximity to a lot of other people, and if any of them have Bedbugs on their person or on their belongings, they can transfer directly to you.

Tips on How to Spot a Bedbug Infestation

  • Take a Flashlight – Bedbugs live exclusively in the dark, so the only way that you will likely spot one alive is with the help of a directed light source like a flashlight.
  • Search Cracks and Corners – Bedbugs nest and lay their eggs in dark areas where they feel protected, so you will often find signs of their presence in and around small crevices.
  • Look for Bedbug Molts – As Bedbugs Nymphs develop to sexual maturity, they leave their old molts behind. Look for abandoned Bedbug Exoskeletons.
  • Look for Bedbug Eggs – Check your mattress lining and other dark, firm areas around your bed for tiny egg clutches. The mother glues the eggs into place in small cracks such as inside mattress seams. Also, look around dark areas for signs of tiny, broken shells, because they will accumulate as the infestation grows.
  • Check your Bedsheets for Blood Spots – As you roll around in your sleep, there is a significant chance that you will kill a Bedbug as it feeds, which will splatter the blood inside on your sheets and clothing. Look for tiny blood spots in the mornings.
  • Check your Walls, Closets, and Shelves for Rusty Stains – As Bedbugs leave their hiding spots after digestion, they will defecate along their trails, leaving small, rust-colored spots behind.

What to do if You Experience a Bedbug Infestation

If you do notice signs of Bedbug Infestation, don’t panic. Although they are incredibly annoying, there is nothing inherently dangerous about them. They will bite you and leave itchy bumps, but the Bedbugs do not harbor any known diseases.

bedbug-infestationUpon recognizing that you may be experiencing a Bedbug Invasion, simply call a professional, like those at Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island.

We can have a Pest Service Pro at your door as soon as you have your home prepped for treatment. Bedbug Removal follows a multifaceted protocol which ensures that Bedbugs are entirely removed from your property.

Since Bedbugs are so tough to eradicate, it will usually require two treatments to eliminate the entire infestation, but after the second treatment, under almost all circumstances your Bedbug Problem will be a thing of the past.

Bedbugs Staten Island: The Best Extermination Services in the Borough

If you think Bedbugs may be preventing you from enjoying the comfort and safety of your home, call Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island today.

We provide Bedbug Removal Services for the entire borough, from Livingston to Charleston to everywhere in between!

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