Cockroach Gallery in Staten Island: Cockroach Pest Control Exterminators in Staten Island NYC

Cockroach Gallery in Staten Island: Cockroach Pest Control Exterminators in Staten Island NYC

Cockroach Prevention and Extermination Tips

Take out the trash on a regular basis

Simply throwing your food-related garbage in the trash can is a start, but roaches still have the ability to crawl their way into your trash for dinner. Throw your kitchen trash away on a nightly basis.

Always vacuum or sweep anywhere that crumbs and food particles may fall

Whether you eat dinner in the dining room, the kitchen, or your living room, vacuum or sweep up after yourself frequently. Cockroaches persist primarily by hunting down small deposits of food, crumbs that you may hardly even be able to see. The more food particles on the ground, the easier it is for the cockroaches to survive and multiply.

Occasionally empty and clean our your cabinets

Your pantry and your cabinets are two areas where roaches will be most common, because of the abundance of food in these areas, as well as the increased incidence of food particles. Clean your cabinets thoroughly, because even a sticky speck of soda can be a source of nutrition for the roaches in your home. In addition to cleaning your cabinets, also clean cabinet tops and appliances such as ovens ant toasters which gather crumbs over time.

Wash your dishes the same night that you use them. Do not leave dishes in the sink or otherwise unwashed

Roaches can appear anywhere while the lights are off, and are very sensitive to noises and light. Leaving unwashed dishes in your sink, out on your counter tops, or on your kitchen table provides roaches with a smorgasbord opportunity.

Keep cooking supplies, food ingredients, and leftovers in tightly sealed containers and bags

cockroach-4The worst thing that roaches can do is invade your supply of food. It’s easy to leave a bag of sugar or cornmeal open when you aren’t using it, but roaches will use this opportunity to hit the jackpot for frequent meals.

Keep your pantry clean and make sure that there are no messes inside of it. Also make sure that all food and drink items are tightly sealed. By sealing off food items, such as raw ingredients or processed food items like chips and pretzels, you prevent your food from contamination and you prevent cockroaches from getting a free and easy meal.

Eliminate sources of standing water from your home

It is vitally important to ensure that there are no reliable water sources in your home if you want to avoid a cockroach invasion. Cockroaches are so not picky about their food, that finding fresh water is actually tougher for them than finding reliable food.

Investigate all around your home for water leaks, focusing on your bathroom and kitchen. Tighten or replace leaky faucets and avoid making a mess when you do dishes, shower, or wash your hands. Make sure that you never leave standing water anywhere in your home.

Seal cracks in the exterior and interior of your home

cockroach-3One of the best ways to prevent a Cockroach Infestation is to effectively seal your home off from them. Roaches don’t materialize out of thin air, so they have to get in somehow, usually through cracks and holes in your walls and cabinets.

The easiest way to seal your home off from pests like roaches is to find these small cracks inside your home and fill them with silicone caulk. If you have wires and pipes running from outside your home to inside, caulk or screen up these areas to keep roaches from having an easy route inside.

Sealing roaches out will make it much easier to prevent or alleviate an infestation.

Invest in quality Roach Traps

Baited glue tracks are a simple and highly effective way to eliminate roaches from your home. Place these traps in any location where you have spotted a roach before. If you live in a condo or apartment, these traps will also prove to your landlord or exterminator that a problem exists in your complex, which will help you protect your home further by ensuring that those responsible for your building take care of the problem in every apartment, not just yours.

Buy a can of Roach Spray

cockroach-2There are sprays that you can buy at grocery stores and home and garden centers which are specially designed to eliminate roaches and similar pests. Spray all of the areas in your home that have shown evidence of Roach Infestation, and also hit all dark corners in sensitive areas.

The important thing about using Roach Killer is that you should be persistent in using it. Don’t stop as soon as signs of infestation have dissipated. Keep dark corners treated in order to ensure that roaches don’t return, especially if you live in an apartment complex where your neighbors may still be harboring the pests.

Fumigate your home with a Roach Bomb

If you have the time to leave your home for a day or two, a Roach Bomb can be an incredibly effective way to kill all the roaches and other pests in your home. These treatments release pesticides which cloud your home, killing roaches, even in your walls and cabinets.

As soon as you get home, go through your home on a dead bug hunt. Roaches and other pests will eat their own dead, and the dead roaches in your home may attract roaches from outside if they aren’t cleaned quickly.

Don’t Tackle a Major Roach Infestation Alone: Contact Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island!

cockroach-1If you are experiencing a small roach infestation, you may be able to control and manage the infestation with do-it-yourself methods, but major infestations can be incredibly hard to tackle alone. Bedbugs Staten Island can send a qualified and talented Exterminator to your door to assess the severity of your Pest Infestation and provide you with a range of options to eliminate it.

If you are just seeing a couple of roaches, your personal efforts may be enough, but remember that roaches live in the dark corners of your home, including your closets, floors, attics, and walls. If you are starting to see a number of cockroaches, there are likely even more hiding from you, and you will have a lot of trouble safeguarding your home long-term.

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