New York City Bed Bug Map

New York City Bed Bug Map

new-york-city-2New York City is a conglomeration of five different sectors, known as boroughs. The five Boroughs of New York City are Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. Manhattan is located on Manhattan Island, Staten Island is located on its own island, Queens and Brooklyn are located on Long Island (adjacent to Nassau County), and the Bronx is located on the U.S. Mainland, next to Yonkers, New York.

Manhattan Island is the original location where New York City was founded, and New York eventually grew to encompass all of the island. The other boroughs represented other independent communities and counties until 1898, when residents of the boroughs and other nearby cities voted on whether or not to combine interests and turn into a single, much larger, metropolitan area. The five boroughs of New York as they exist today are the result of that vote. In the end, twelve cities voted to merge into five boroughs. Some nearby cities, such as Yonkers, also had the opportunity to join the city, but voted against it. Today, Yonkers is still often referred to as The Sixth Borough.

Boroughs of New York City


manhattanManhattan is literally and figuratively the center of New York City. Manhattan is a relatively small island with a dense population and powerful impact on the the culture of both the United States and the world at large.

Wall Street is home to the most important financial firms and stock indexes in the United States. Broadway is home to the biggest and most popular theater performances performed in the English Language. Times Square is the epicenter of all of this, the busiest intersection and the most visited tourist attraction in the entire world.


brooklynTo the immediate south of Manhattan is Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn is one of the oldest settled areas in New York State, and has an independent culture and image from the rest of the city. Brooklyn is both referred to as the City of Churches and the City of Homes for its multitude of beautiful and ornate churches and the large population of residents that live in Brooklyn but work in Manhattan and other areas of New York.

Brooklyn has a lot of fantastic things to see and do, from watching the Brooklyn Nets play at the Barclays Center to going to one of the best and largest museums in the United States, the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Staten Island

staten-islandStaten Island is the most culturally remote of the five boroughs, and was only directly connected to the other Boroughs of New York in the 1960s when the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was constructed, linking Staten Island to West Brooklyn. Staten Island is the least populous, both in terms of density and raw population, of the five boroughs, and feels much more suburban than any other area of the city.

Staten Island is a great place to visit because of its proximity to the rest of New York while still allowing tourists to return to some place a bit slower to rest their heads. Staten Island is known for its quality parks and beaches and the Staten Island Ferry. The Staten Island Ferry is a free commuter service which transports commuters and tourists from Staten Island to Manhattan via water, on a relaxing and time efficient cruise past the best views in New York.

The Bronx

the-bronxThe Bronx has long been referred to as The Concrete Jungle, but the borough is undergoing investment and cultural growth at a never-before-experienced pace. The Bronx is more than just the metropolitan landscape that its moniker implies.

The Bronx has the largest park system in New york City and also features many of New York City’s most popular attractions, including Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo. The borough also features some of the best beaches in New York, at Pelham Bay. Across from Pelham Bay is City Island, a community full of wonderful seafood restaurants, fishing opportunities, and quality nightlife.


queensQueens is the grand melting pot of the world. The borough of Queens is famous for its immense diversity, and has more immigrants from more countries than any other city in the world. More than one hundred languages are spoken in Queens, far outmatching any other location in America or on the globe.

Because of this great diversity, Queens is a fantastic place to live or visit if you are interested in exploring other cultures, whether through their arts, their crafts, or their cuisine. Many argue that Manhattan has the best Haute Cuisine, but Queens is the best place to visit for someone that truly enjoys food, because one is able to sample authentic foods from disparate cultures all in one place. Queens also has a highly diversified economy, with opportunities in a wide variety of fields, from transportation to health care.



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