Rat Gallery in Staten Island: Rat Pest Control Exterminators in Staten Island NYC

Rat Gallery in Staten Island: Rat Pest Control Exterminators in Staten Island NYC

Bedbugs Staten Island – Rodent Pest Control and Prevention

rodentMost homeowners get the same sinking feeling when they spot rats or other rodents in their home. Other pests like roaches and fleas are certainly a problem, but an infestation of rodents really makes it feel like you are losing control of your home. No matter where you find them, in your dining room, basement, attic, or kitchen, spotting one of these little pests can create fear and surprise in even the most unflappable homeowner.

What makes rodents so difficult to deal with is that, although they are larger than most household pests, they are incredibly smart and resourceful. Rats and mice are able to contort their body tremendously, allowing them to enter your home through tiny holes that you probably don’t even know exist. Mice can force their way through holes only an inch in diameter.

Rats and mice like to live in sheltered areas, whether that means in the ground, in high grasses, or in tree stumps. Your home represents a large, warm hiding spot for them to build a nest and grow a family. As the months get colder, rodents will start to look for more guaranteed warmth and cover, and this is when your home is most likely to experience a Rodent Invasion.

Why Are Rodents Such a Problem?

Rodents are a major problem for a number of reasons. Rats and mice are major carriers of common diseases such as salmonella and even rarer diseases like the plague. Rodent feces and dander can seriously make you sick. Also, rodents are dangers because they have the nasty habit of chewing threw literally whatever they can sink their teeth into.

Homes and buildings with major rodent infestations are at a significantly increased of fire danger because rodents will chew through electrical wires.

Rodent Prevention Tips

There are a lot of ways that a homeowner can effectively prevent and eliminate rodent infestation. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure the entrances to your home are in good shape. Fix broken screen doors and purchase a quality door sweep to prevent them from entering through small cracks at the base of your door.
  • Ensure that all vents in your home are properly screened. If you have a chimney, make sure you have a quality screen, preventing rodents from entering from your roof.
  • Investigate the outside of your home for any tiny cracks that could allow a rodent to make its way inside. Use silicone caulk to close these holes and lock out intrusive pests. Steel wool is also an effective substitute for caulk.
  • Keep food and drink in tightly closed containers and throw away your trash on a regular basis.
  • Make sure that your crawlspace, basement, and attic are properly ventilated. Rats are attracted to moisture, so purchase a dehumidifier if you are unable to resolve humidity issues through leak maintenance and ventilation alone.
  • Examine weather stripping and mortar around windows and your foundation to make sure that they form a perfect seal.
  • Keep your home moisture free: fix leaks as soon as possible and don’t let water pool anywhere in your home.
  • Before bringing any packages into your home, inspect them for rodents first, including grocery bags and boxes.
  • Rats often make homes in firewood. Keep firewood at least twenty feet from your home so that any rats that do nest there are further from your house.
  • Keep plants and shrubs maintained so that they do not brush up against the house.

If You Are Experiencing a Rodent Infestation, Contact an Exterminator as Soon as Possible

miceRats and mice are a tough problem to tackle on your own. The time that you spend trying to trap the pests yourself could be all the time that the rodent needs to breed and increase the breadth of your problem. Traps can work, but may take too long and make a brutal mess. Poison baits are highly effective at killing rats, but rats will usually return to their nests in your wall, floor, and ceiling to die, which leaves a decaying corpse that attracts other pests like roaches and flies.

The best way to eliminate a Rodent Infestation is to contact Pest Control Professionals like those at Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island in order to eliminate your problem as quickly and cleanly as possible. Your Exterminator will use a multifaceted approach to rid you of your Rodent Problem which involves clearing out target areas such as your basement and crawlspace so that all of the rodents are effectively eliminated without the threat of attracting other pests.

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