Squirrel Gallery in Staten Island: Squirrel  Pest Control Exterminators in Staten Islan NYC

Squirrel Gallery in Staten Island: Squirrel Pest Control Exterminators in Staten Islan NYC

Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island – Squirrel Control and Removal

squirrel-1At Bedbugs Staten Island, we recognize that even some animals that you appreciate and value in nature can become pests when they decide to invade your yard or even your home. Squirrels are a perfect example of this type of animal. Most people love squirrels, and even like seeing them in their yards, but the problem is that squirrels will often figure out a way to invade your crawlspace or attic in order to use it for a home and nesting site for themselves and their young

If squirrels get into your home they can cause a number of problems. They create large amounts of trash and defecate in your home. They also tear up clothing, paper, and anything else that they can use to build a nest. Finally, they can even cause fires if they eat through your wiring or build nests near important electrical configurations.

Squirrel Prevention and Removal Tips

In short: Squirrels can be great until they become a problem.

Take the following advice in order to prevent squirrels from becoming a problem in your attic or any other part of your home:

squirrel-2Keep Your Home Properly Sealed – Squirrels look larger than they really are, and can squeeze into tight spaces quite easily. Seal off any holes on the outside of your home. Squirrels can easily make their way into an attic with a hole that’s just four square inches.

Keep Trees Trimmed Away from Your Home – In nature, squirrels naturally live in trees, but they will seek alternative forms of shelter if they feel that they can keep themselves and their babies safe. This is one reason why they will break into your home. If you keep trees trimmed so that branches are not immediately adjacent to your home, you greatly reduce the risk that squirrels will take up residence in your attic and walls.

Use a Radio to Scare Squirrels Away – If you do have a squirrel in your attic, take steps to make the attic an unpleasant place for them to live. If you can, open up your attic and turn a hand-held radio up and leave it tuned into a talk radio station. The voices will convince any squirrel in the vicinity that the area is unsafe and it will help convince them to leave.

Toss an Ammonia-Soaked Rag in Your Attic – Another way to make your attic uninviting for squirrels is to root them out with ammonia. Squirrels will find the smell overwhelming and will leave the area for a safer place to nest.

Don’t Patch Holes until You Know the Squirrels are Gone – If you patch a hole that squirrels are using as an entry-way to your home, they will likely tear a new hole in your home and if not, they will die, leaving their bodies behind. It is also important to never to trap baby squirrels nested in your attic away from their mother, because the mother will try to tear a hole through your attic, and if she is unsuccessful, you are leaving the baby animals to die.

If Invasive Creatures Have Found Their Way into Your Home, Call Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island!

squirrel-3Bedbugs Staten Island can make sure that squirrels and other rodents are removed humanely and through reliable and responsible methods.

It can be difficult to ensure that you have gotten rid of the rodents on your own, and in many cases, it may require professional baits and traps to lure the animals out effectively.

If you are having an issue with squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, or any other animals which have invaded your attic, basement, or crawlspace, Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island can resolve your issue quickly and cost-effectively, and we encourage you to call us today!

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