Termites Gallery in Statn Island: Termites Pest Control Exterminators in Statn Island NYC

Termites Gallery in Statn Island: Termites Pest Control Exterminators in Statn Island NYC

Termite Control and Prevention

Termites are an extremely difficult pest to eradicate, once they have established a presence in your home. Whereas it is extremely viable to deal with other minor pest infestations on your own, such as if you have an infestation of ants, roaches, or fleas, you most likely won’t be able to eliminate a Termite infestation without the help of a trained professional like those at Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island.

Termite Prevention Tips

  • The most important step in preventing a Termite Infestation is limiting moisture in your home. Think about investing in a dehumidifier for your basement or crawlspace. Without a steady supply of water, it will be impossible for termites to establish a presence in or underneath your home.
  • If you locate a Termite Infestation near your home, such as in a tree stump, have a professional remove the tree stump and treat the area immediately.
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  • Manage scrap wood and cellulose carefully. Termites eat all forms of cellulose, including mulch and decaying plant matter, so never keep any cellulose scrap near your home.
  • Fix leaky water lines and faucets quickly, whether outside or inside your home.
  • Replace or repair leaking gutters and roofs.
  • Don’t store firewood next to your home.
  • Plant and manage greenery such as bushes and shrubs so that they are located a foot or more away from your foundation.
  • Clean drains and gutters regularly.
  • Ensure that attics and crawl spaces are properly ventilated.
  • Make sure any wooden aspect of your home is not touching soil.
  • Keep dirt in crawl spaces covered with plastic.

Forms of Termite Extermination Treatment

Termite Control Bait

termites-1One of the tools that your Exterminator will use when working on a Termite Infestation is Termite Bait. Termite Bait is usually a block of wood which contains a pesticide which only affects bugs like termites and ants.

Termite drones will find the treated wood and will bring it back to the nest to feed to the other members of the colony. As the termites are fed the bait, they slowly die off over the course of weeks and months.

Termite Baits are an important part of most Termite Extermination solutions, but they are generally combined with other treatments and methods which work more quickly. Termite Baits will ensure the entire colony collapses, but it is most effective when other methods are used to trim numbers down more quickly. In addition to placing baits, your Exterminator will also treat beams in the general area with chemicals which work on the same premise.

Termite Liquid Barrier Treatment

Another way that Exterminators deal with termites is through the use of Liquid Chemical Barriers which paint a perimeter around active Termite Infestation Sites. Like Termite Bait, these chemicals act slowly, and kill the colony over time. The Termites affected will spread the pesticide to countless other Termites before finally succumbing to the poison.

Microwave Termite Control

termite-inspectionhere are very few forms of non-chemical treatment that are effective at eradicating Termites, but one method has recently been developed, using microwave technology, which is very effective at treating certain forms of Termite Infestation.

This method is most useful vs. drywood termites. For this method to work, the Exterminator must know exactly where the termites are so that he or she can blast them with microwave radiation.

This method is very rare, and is not quite as effective as other methods, because of the requirement to know exactly where Termite Activity is located. This form of treatment is generally used in combination with other Pest Control Treatments in order to reduce the amount of pesticide used.

Call Bedbugs Exterminator Staten Island for Quality Termite Removal

termites-3As we mentioned earlier, choosing to treat a Termite Infestation without the help of a professional is simply a bad idea. There is no way to ensure that you completely eliminate Termites without the treatment and monitoring services provided by trustworthy Exterminators such as those at Bedbugs Staten Island.

We serve all neighborhoods in Staten Island, from Shore Acres to Kill Van Cull. If you believe that you are suffering from a Termite Infestation, don’t hesitate to contact a professional, because every day that you let a Termite Infestation persist, you are allowing the tiny pests to destroy your home just a little bit more.

Although Termites do damage slowly, they are persistent, and they won’t stop until they are fully eradicated.

Call us today to speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

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